Best baby shower gifts

From practical pieces to those unforgettable, special keepsakes, we have you covered on presents you cannot go wrong with.

When a friend of ours or a family member is expecting, unless you have been to a lot of baby showers or have a great hand of experience in this sector – you can easily find it hard what is best to buy.

Baby Books

Special keepsakes that are always treasured to their full potential are baby record books/baby photograph books. These are amazing for all of those precious memories to be kept in one place and then to keep for their child to have when they turn a special age.

Baby clothes

If you are going to opt for the clothes then parents and mums-to-be would really be grateful of practical clothes, but obviously still super-cute pieces. This is because newborns will outgrow those expensive tiny clothes in a matter of weeks; this can be a nightmare for parents because they will have so many newborn clothes but not enough time until before you know it, they’re all too small. Keep seasons in mind as well when you’re choosing too; for summer babies get them cosy treats for the upcoming winters because these will be packed away nicely until the time comes.

Baby Toys

Likewise with the practical clothes, toys that help with development will go down just as well than teddies and cuddly animals. Parents will also thank you for the glowing, bouncy rockers that keep them quiet for a bit, or the floor mats that are so bright with colours and numbers that your eyes feel slightly fuzzy eyed.

Parents Congratulations gifts

Yes you are all celebrating the exciting baby news; however the parents come into the equation massively. Thinking ahead, they will have the sleepless nights and nappy dilemmas and they will most likely thought of having a holiday or a spa treatment – this is where you come in and make this a valued treat for them.

Inkless and Hand print set

These clever kits include everything you need to take hand/footprints off the little one and keep them packed in an elegant keepsake tin. This method is effortless because it requires no planning and creates no mess.

This thoughtful gift will be a blessing in disguise for when the baby is born. The colorless non toxic wipe is gently wiped on the baby’s hand or foot – whichever is desired by the parents, and a beautiful print appears in amazing detail. The parents don’t have to worry about reactions on the baby, black ink on their new cream carpet or even on their clothes. These prints will be treasured for many years to come.

These are also great to hand over at a family members or friends Baby Shower because no matter how big or small the venue is, there is nothing worse than handing the same gift over as one of your co-workers. It’s nice to have more than one baby grow & pair of shoes – you can’t go wrong there with practical clothing, yet it’s also nice to be able to give something completely personal and different (well, let’s pray that someone hasn’t thought the exact same as you have and brought this one!) Either way if that happens – you can still hope that if the parents to be decide to have another baby down the line, or they may even be having twins, it will come in handy!.

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